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Congratulations to the Winners!

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March 2021:  Everyone's got a lucky lure, lucky pole or even just a lucky fishing hole. Tell us about yours to win!

Bryce from Yorba Linda, CA

"I have 2 lucky twin poles that I’ve had since I was 18 and were one of
the first purchases I made from my first job.  They have been through a
house fire and show the effects but they still never fail me.   I will
never buy another rod for the rest of my life.  This past summer, they
landed me a 6 1/2 lb rainbow and a contest winning Brown up at Silver
Lake, CA."

Keri from Montegut, LA

"My entire 30, almost 31 years of life I grew up on these waters, from
fishing to trawling as a child with my dad! This is a hard one because
the entire bayou is my favorite,  but I especially love this little cut
out in the marsh near Humble Canal in Montegut, LA. After my son passed
away a year ago I've spent many afternoons here throwing the line just
for my sanity.  And this hole especially is awesome for bass and Huge Red
fish and as you can see the best seat for a beautiful sunset. I will add
too a rattle trap is my go to bait especially for red fish, they love to
hate them!"

January 2021:  Where are you fishing this year, and what makes it special to you?

Ron from Loudon, Tennessee

"I retired after working for 31 years as a Police Officer in Florida,
bought a boat and moved to Loudon, Tennessee. Having vacationed and
fished in the Smoky Mountains for years, we made it a goal to retire
there. Now I live a few miles from where my boat is docked and I can
fish whenever I want. Everyday is a vacation on Tellico Lake in

December 2020: Favorite Fish to Catch

Winner #1 - Mandy from Leitchfield, Kentucky

"I love to fish anytime, any where! Bassin' is where it’s at. The day this picture was posted nobody was catching anything so I tied on a saucy swimmer with a trailer & caught this bass the 3rd cast! #girlsfishtoo #catchfishnotfeelings"

December 2020: Favorite Fish to Catch

Winner #2 - Rodney from Greensboro, North Carolina

"Was my biggest fish caught in the sea 36 1/2 inches Two months after I had a cardiac arrest and died for 7 1/2 minutes and it's the greatest tasting fish in the world mahi-mahi"

November 2020: Most Tasty Catch

Ron Schroeder of Tennessee
"While on a cruise, my son Zack caught this 29 inch Salmon when were on a fishing excursion in Alaska. Our cruise ship chef cooked it that night for our table for dinner. Now that was a meal!"

October 2020: Best Monster Photo

Stormy Fritz of Texas 

"I’m always getting harped on because I’m wanting to go fishing with the guys and when I go they know I don’t play around! I’ve came along ways and feel I deserve this! Girls can do this too 💪🏼🖤"

 Stormy is winner of the Dirty Hooker of the Month contest for October 2020


September 2020: Best Fish Photo Ever

Josh Harris of Connecticut 

"Slamming a monster out of the river instead of catching the covid"

 Josh of Connecticut shows his best catch ever as our winner of Dirty Hooker of the Month



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